h o t o g r a p h y  &  R e f l e c t i o n

The Ferry Ride

At the base of the Himalayan Mountains is Chitwan National Park, Nepal, a preserve of jungle, bog land and many rivers and lakes. In the upper photo, a ferry transports villagers across a narrow river to one of the Tharu villages in the park. The villagers are returning after a long day of hard work, each having earned about one dollar for an entire day's labour. The second image shows a tourist, and I too a tourist, who has crossed the river to stay in tourist accommodation in the village. The diptych of the juxtaposed images suggests the order of the world where 80% of the planet's population lives on 20% of the planet's resources -the villagers- and only 20% of the population -that is us- requires a full 80% of the earth's resources for our own lifestyle. Note in the upper photo one ferryman is required to ferry the workers across the river. In the lower photo, four men seem necessary to cater to the tourist. The tourist doesn't realize this discrepancy so intent is she on getting a good photo.

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