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Light of Day

Interviewed on CBC News Network during the Covid-19 crisis, Dr. Alam of Georgetown, a hospital anesthesiologist and family doctor, recounted how a frail and compromised gentleman in ICU, needing a ventilator, told her he didn't want to die on a machine. He wanted to die looking at the blue sky. She sat with him for a while, looking at the blue sky.

The first heart transplant patient was told the operation would be arduous and there would be little probability he would live long. He said he would undergo the operation if only to see the sunrise one more time.

Canadian novelist and playwright Timothy Findley writes of how his dogs each morning would rise and turn themselves to the east to greet the beginning light of day. Egyptian lore speaks of the baboon everyday exposing itself before the rising sun.

Perhaps this print could remind you, each day before you reach your last day on earth, to acknowledge the sacred sun, remind you of the gift of the brief life the sun imparts to you.

Washago Morning

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