India - reggood


Photography by Reg Good

It will frustrate you or change you, they told me, and maybe both alternately. I can only say India changed me. Something about the place seems true for me - in the food, in the faces, in the colours, in the light and the shadow; a wisdom that's just out of my reach. I know three weeks is a token. I know my images can tell no story except to say, here is what Reg saw, a bit of light, colour, shape that moved him, that represent his time there, that merely point to something of what changed him. The photos imagine power in the crumbling, sensual palaces of the Maharajas; indicate a deeper knowing in the winter mists and lost horizons; capture heart-felt human emotion in the various human faces; represent our shared human journey traversing the cycle of life; reveal our diverse expressions of humanity gracing this planet ... and the river Ganges leads to Varanasi. At Varanasi the dead are given back to the river. We all die. The Ganges passes by Varanasi and picks up the dead on its way. A bird, the Kite, a predator and sometime scavenger, escapes from the tree of life. These are photos. I think you have to go there yourself to know anything about India or Nepal. You may need to go. It could well change you. There is that chance.


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