h o t o g r a p h y  &  R e f l e c t i o n

Why should event photography standards be any different to that of wedding photography?  Good photography matters.

Your Wedding

Your wedding is a special day. The photography captures the glamour as well as records the event activities and guests. For remembering your wedding day, long after the day itself, you’ll want beautiful photos to enjoy and to share. I work hard to give you that.

Your Event

And if you are organizing an event, shouldn’t you also expect your photos to show artistic composition, capture a telling moment, and have lovely light? Why not? Even though your event soon disappears into the social media abyss, is there not good reason for the photos to be beautifully shot and appealing to look at.

For sure. The photos, if only briefly, still reflect your branding and business standards. The question for you is what do you want your event photos to say about you and your business to your clients and staff?

My Commitment to You

Producing quality photographs takes skill, experience and talent. That’s my commitment to you: to use my ability and my photographer's eye to capture the moment and the light in a beautiful way that reflects well on you.

If creative and expressive photography matters to you, and you like my work, then you can book me to cover your event, your photographic project or that special day of your wedding.

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