h o t o g r a p h y  &  R e f l e c t i o n

Photography – Being In A Moment

For an image to mean something, I feel the photograph must come to me as a gift. If I go out with a camera trying to take a great photo to impress people, the photo eludes me. My ego gets in the way. If rather than forcing myself on the world, I look instead to what the world would give me, then at times a bit of light, a shadow, a colour, or a gesture appears, surprises me, delights me.

Shooting never ceases to engage me. It remains bigger than I am, more than who I am. I work hard at its study, pouring over images of great photographers, learning new skills, and exploring other ways of seeing. I prepare myself as best I can, to be ready in mind and spirit to press the shutter when a bit of the world presents itself. I am continually humbled by the work.

Photography for me is about seeing and listening. Certainly that's true for my fine prints and photographic essays, but equally for weddings and events. They too are better images when they are not about me, but what reveals itself in the moment. 

Photography for me is rooted in the exploration of the  human condition. My photographic work, above all, tries to honour that human condition, the beauty that is the human condition, all its ambiguities, uncertainties, disillusions and allusions, fears and wonder.. 

I am grateful to be here, with a camera, a witness, in a moment of recognition, of belonging to the human condition, to this world, all of it. In its time, the world gives me its gift, an image, a bit of life to fall in love with.


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