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Booking Reg for Your Project, Wedding, or Event

What You Can Expect

As much as your project or event represents your commitment to excellence, you can expect my photography to reflect those same standards for quality and professional conduct.

Photos of your project or event reflect your brand image. Even though the photos may quickly disappear into the social media abyss, the impact the photos can have continues in the emotional memory of the viewers. That emotional memory they associate with you and your brand. Which is why good photos of your event matter.

Good photography makes a lasting impression. Your project or event photographers should demonstrate competence of skill, show artistic composition, capture a telling moment and exhibit lovely light. I believe good photography counts for a lot.

My Commitment to You

Producing quality photographs takes skill, experience and talent. That’s my commitment to you: to use my ability and my photographer's eye to capture the moment and the light in a beautiful way that reflects well on you and provides you with professional photos you can use for promotion and education of your enterprise.

I take your event seriously: preparing in advance for your shoot, ensuring you get the shots you want, and delivering quality images to you in three days, less time if you need. If having creative and expressive photography matters to you, if you like the work you see in the galleries, please know I will work hard to produce the same for you.

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