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Why Good Photography

Photos of your project or event reflect your brand image and your standards for excellence. While images of your project or event may disappear after a day or two into the social media abyss or a corporate report, yet those images, however briefly, make a lasting impression.

Good images lead to good impressions of you and clearer delineations of your project or event. Which is why good photos for your project or event matter.

What You Can Expect

As much as your project or event represents your commitment to excellence, you can expect our photography to reflect those same standards for quality and professional conduct. You should expect your photographer to demonstrate skill and competence, show artistic composition, capture a telling moment and achieve professional photographic values.

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Our Commitment to You

Producing quality photographs takes skill, experience and talent. That’s our commitment to you: to use all of our training and our photographer’s eye, along with focussed work on the day, to capture fine-quality, uncompromised, expressive images.

You will receive professional images for documentation, education, and promotion of your enterprise. Images that capture the emotion and spirit of the occasion.

We take your event seriously: preparing in advance for your shoot, ensuring you get the shots you want, and delivering select images in 24 hours and quality images to you in three days, less time if you need.

If having creative and expressive photography matters to you and if you like the work you see in the galleries, please know  we will work hard to produce the same for you.

Your Part

You can count on reliable, responsible conduct and professional results. You will endeavour to be as clear and comprehensive as possible about your intention for the kinds of images you want and about the conditions of the shoot and venue. You are welcome to give us a shot list for what you need or direct us on the day of the shoot for required shots. You will appreciate that the available quality and amount of light, including our artificial light used as necessary, conditions the look of the images.

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