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What do you know about yourself? What do you love? Poet Robert Bly suggests when one is facing a crisis, when one's world is collapsing around one, that the way out is to find that one thing one loves. Discard all the rest, and build your life around that one thing, he says.

The modern portrait documents what you love; it's a collection of images capturing what you love: an activity, place, object.



You get not just one photo, but a series of connected images of the thing you love deep in you, that is part of you. It might be something you have, something you know or something you do. Your modern portrait will capture the thing you love, hold so dear. You might have prints, or a book of the images, some document. You might keep it just for yourself, or pass it on to another, or share it with pride. In every way, it's a reflection of you.


The thing you love. Only you know that. The images could be just of you. You love winter and we shoot you in winter. The images could be of you doing the thing you love: gardening, dancing, playing a sport, sitting on the porch of your cottage...The images could be of the thing you love: a place you walk to, a charitable work you care about...The images could be a place you love: your workshop, your kitchen, your business, your golf club, your library....The images could be of some object important for you: your books, your tools, your bike...The subject is the thing deepest in you, the one thing that means so much, beneath the resistances, and fears, and masks, and posturing. If you had nothing left, what would you turn to, hold on to. That's the subject of your portrait, whether you are in the images or not.


First, it's not just one photo, but a series of connected photos. In the end, you would need to care about the pictures if the work is to have any value. So, the guarantee is, if in the end, you don't like the work, you can step away, no obligation.

To get started, we have a conversation. Let me know you are interested by email or a phone call.

We'll get together talk about the idea, and if you're interested, we'll make a plan and a budget. No cost.  

We start our project together and take whatever time is needed. If you don't like the result, then you can walk away. No problem. Most important for me and my work is that you care for this portrait, that it is you. If it's not you, you don't have to take any photos. If it is right, then you have what you want, a document for what you value most, above all. Call me or write. We'll work together to create some permanent  images you can love.

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